Only the following classes are recognised at CACIB shows sanctioned by the FCI:

  1. Classes in which the CACIB can be awarded. Only one CACIB can be awarded for each sex and breed, in accordance with the FCI Breed Nomenclature for Dog Breeds, on the same day and at the same place. As such, it is not allowed to organise back-to-back FCI Show to be held on the same day.
    • - Intermediate class (from 15 to 24 months)
    • - Open Class (15 months and over)
    • - Working Class (15 months and over)
    • - Champion Class (15 months and over)

    Champion Class. To enter a dog in Champion Class, one of the following titles must have been confirmed by the day of the official closing date of entries; proof of this, by copy, must be enclosed with the entry form. A Champion dog/bitch must compete in the Champion Class and not in any other classes.
    • · International Beauty Champion of the FCI
    • · National Beauty Champion (INA Champion)
    • · National Beauty Champion from countries which are not members of the FCI may be recognized.

  2. Classes in which the CACIB cannot be awarded.
    • - Puppy Class (from 6 to 9 months)
    • - Junior Class (from 9 to 18 months)
    • - Veteran Class (from 8 years and above)

    The decisive date in respect of age is the day the dog is shown. Once the catalogue is printed, it is forbidden to transfer a dog from one class to the other unless the problem is due to a printing mistake.